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Obituary for Haliee Nickhole Munoz

Haliee Nickhole Munoz went home to her Lord on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at the age of 25 years. Halie was born in Irving Texas on May 3, 1996 to her parents, Ignacio Munoz and Tara Marks Munoz. She had three brothers, Adrian, Aaron and Micheal and was later joined by sisters Emilie and Josiee.

Shortly after Haliee's birth, she was diagnosed with having a birth defect identified as a chromosome deletion. This came with many challenges for her, including learning and speaking disabilities, difficulty swallowing and several physical disabilities. Little did we know at that time what a fighting spirit she had. She was not only determined to make the most of her diminished abilities but would become an inspiration to all that knew her as she accomplished exactly that.

Haliee was a student in the Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD for 18 years, enrolled in the Special Education program there. She accepted all of the challenges that she faced as she progressed there and achieved development beyond expectations. During her years there she brought, love, happiness and joy to everyone she met, from bus drivers to teachers and administrators to fellow students. Haliee took part in the Special Olympics for several years. She loved the interaction and camaraderie with her coaches and teammates. She was a star in track and in bowling and earned many medals and certificates. She graduated from RL Turner High School in 2016.

Haliee attended Plymouth Park United Methodist Church for many years with her parents and grandparents, John and Karen Thurston. She loved the music there, especially from the Praise band in the P3 service. Because of her inability to tell us in [words, we did not know for sure how much she understood of the messages that she heard there. Soon it became obvious that at the very least, she had fully absorbed Matthew 5:16, "Let your light shine before men" and John 13:34 "Love one another as I have loved you." Haliee was a familiar and beloved figure with her sparkling bright blue eyes, magical smile and curly flaming red hair as she rolled through the church in her wheelchair, usually with outstretched arms to show her love to most everyone that she met.

Despite her handicaps and frequent hospital stays, many of which had to have caused severe discomfort and pain, Haliee was almost always a very happy girl. But what made her the happiest and brought out her personality the most was when she was surrounded by her family at family gatherings.

Haliee developed her own personality traits. One of them was a princess wave that she performed both on arriving at a destination and leaving it. We could not always tell what message she was sending with this trademark wave. We think it was similar to the expression of "Namaste" in the Hindu language or "Aloha" in the Hawaiian which are both used both in greeting and in farewell. Possibly, "It is nice to see you" on arrival, and "See you soon" or "God bless you" on leaving.
When meeting strangers while rolling down the street or in an unfamiliar setting, Haliee always said "Hey" or "Hi". She would keep it up, her voice rising in volume a bit each time she repeated it until they responded, then follow up with her traditional wave or with outstretched arms offering a hug. We saw
many somber faces brighten from these encounters. We know she will be missed not only by those that knew her and loved her but by many who did not even know her name.

Haliee is survived by her parents, Ignacio and Tara Munoz, brothers Adrian, Aaron and Micheal Munoz, Sisters Emilie and Josie Munoz, Grandparents John and Karen Thurston and numerous extended family.