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Obituary for Margarita Shanginova

Margarita Shanginova passed away peacefully at home in Irving, TX, in the evening of October 1, 2023, at the age of 82.  She was born on September 21, 1941, in the Tambov Region of Russia, to parents Nikolai Kornilov and Ganna Kornilova, shortly after the beginning of World War II.  She had an older sister and brother. After the war, the family moved to Vyborg, where Margarita grew up and graduated from High School at the top of her class in 1958. She always had fond memories of her childhood in Vyborg and maintained a close relationship with her childhood friends all her life. She was truly loved and respected by her friends and classmates.

Margarita graduated from the St. Petersburg State Technological University in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the early 60s with a degree in Chemical Engineering. After graduation, she went to work as a chemical engineer at a plant in Dzerzhinsk, Russia, where she met her husband, Yuri Shanginov. They got married in 1969 and their daughter, Svetlana, was born in June of 1970. Margarita was a devoted and loving mother and was always there for her daughter to offer a warm hug, to read a book, to give advice, or to laugh and dance around the room! She was also a great people leader, which came to her naturally. Her coworkers loved and respected her for her integrity, kindness, and intellect. Margarita worked as a chemical engineer until she retired early at the age of 50 to take care of her disabled sister, Clara.

Margarita missed her daughter dearly after Svetlana moved to the United States in 1992. Svetlana married Charles Raimbault in May of 1992 and they started a family by giving birth to their son Nicholas in May of 1996 and then to their second son, Mathew, in August of 1997.  Margarita could’t stand to be away from her grandchildren and in December of 1998, she was able to come to the United States to stay with Svetlana and her family. She left everything behind and didn’t think twice! Her grandchildren were everything to her and taking care of them became her life. She was lovingly called “Babulya”, meaning grandma in Russian, by her grandsons and all of their friends. They loved coming over and trying out some freshly made Russian dishes and baked goodies. Babulya’s love and care was felt by everyone who came in contact with her.

What else she enjoyed in life besides spending time with her family and friends? Fashion, books, flowers, shopping, dancing, laughing and being silly. Her spirit was light, but strong. She battled Dementia in the last few years of her life, but was still able to bring joy and contribute to her family until the end. She will be forever missed here on this Earth…

Margarita was preceded in death by her parents, Nikolai Kornilov and Ganna Kornilova, her brother who died in World War II and her sister Clara Kornilova, and her husband Yuri Shanginov. Left to cherish her memories are her loving daughter, Svetlana Raimbault and her husband Charles Raimbault, and grandsons Nicholas Raimbault and Mathew Raimbault.